Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mr Lincoln

Two things I love most are roses and tea, today I was walking in the garden to find some fresh flowers for the house, again. My roses are fading, but the one that still has blooms is Mister Lincoln and is my favorite. Mister Lincoln is the best blooming rose available. Blossoms become an even richer red as they bathe in the sun, exuding a luscious, fruity fragrance. Excellent cut for bouquets.

Another favorite is "New Dawn" a blush color running rose that is very easy to root from cuttings, one year I just pulled a cain to the ground and covered with a small amount of soil and placed a brick on top and the next spring I had a new rose plant. New Dawn grows fast and will cover an arbor quickly, when it blooms it is a mass display, but it does not repeat bloom.


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

I love the true, bright red of Mr Lincoln. There's nothing prettier than a single rose!

mishebe said...

Hi Sue , thanks for visiting. My camera is a basic Kodak Easy Share c533, And here i was just thinking I need a better camera. I was just telling my mom that i am definatly not a photogragher. lol mishelle