Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last nite I received an email from I want to pass this on because the linens on this site are beautiful. The price of some of the linens are out of my price range, but beautiful eye candy. Just click the title.


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Good morning, I'm going over to see the lovely linens, that heart is precious.
Did you know you can create a link directly to that website? (I didn't know for the longest, so I thought I'd pass it on). When you are composing the post, highlight the name or address you mention, then click the photo of the "link" icon up on the toolbar; then enter the address and save.
I use blogger, too, but it doesn't explain much, you just kinda have to learn as you go, but I guess that's part of the fun!
I saw your "Feedjit" icon, I am going to try to load that on my site; I have no idea how many visitors I get, or from where, so that looks like a neat gadget to have.

KatCollects said...

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to say thank you for visinting me new blog : ) Love your sweet page, and love the blue and white background, my favorite color combination.
Hope you are having a beautiful Thursday!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love that website! I just browse around and enjoy window shopping there. They are out of my price range though. I can get nice linens on eBay and the flea market that are more in my budget! In fact, I'm going to do a post on lace tomorrow!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

The linens are gorgeous...but out of my price range, also.

Were you going to join us for the TEA PARTY today? Please, let me know.