Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Door Decorations

Changed my door decoration, it is one I made last year it looks a little faded, but it will have to do, no time to make a fresh one. I had to make a door hanging for my parents door,(in the nursing home) will try to make some picture of their door decor tomorrow and post.

A nursing agency contacted me to work with one of the shelters in Texas, after Ike hits land---they will need all the medical help they can round up.


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Sue, I'm so glad to hear you're heading back here to Texas. If you end up near Dallas, let me know. I am in Ellis county, 30 miles south of Dallas. We have some great antique and junktique shops!

Dreams and Decor said...

Beautiful decoration! You are very talented! Patti