Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi All,

The gardening year is slowing down and it is time to collect seeds to share. It is a pleasure to pass on seeds for someone else to enjoy.

This year I planted a blueberry bush,tons of new plants, ordered many bulbs for spring, started a memory garden, removed shrubs that out grew the area where planted and made new friends in the gardening world.

Also, had the storage shed and deck painted, replaced part of the wood fence and caught an armadillo that was rooting up the flower beds.

Trapping an armadillo was a hoot--------they can destroy a flower bed and dig under your foundation and cause problems. At first I did not know what was digging in the beds,one night I heard a noise around the deck and decided to check it out and there in the corner bed was a ugly armadillo I don't know who was more frighten the armadillo or me.

Borrowed a trap and placed the trap in his pathway and caught him, they have poor vision and are suppose to be hard to trap but I got lucky, DH delivered him to a wooded area away from my garden. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!

I'm moving inside now maybe I can get some much needed housework done.

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